I’m going to give to you straight, it’s pretty hard to crush anything actually. Especially for myself, I don’t workout much and have tiny arms. I mean I could maybe crush a beer can but give me anything bigger and I am in trouble. So lately I’ve been trying my hand at crushing non-physical stuff, like procrastination. We’ve all got that little urge to put aside what we’re doing and check out DJ Khaled‘s epic snapchats. But once after a while the stress sinks in and your realize you have about 10 minutes to get whatever task you were supposed to do done.  Whether it’s work or school we’ve all been there.


Sorry Crushing Procrastination Doesn’t Involve Soap

You don’t  procrastinate you say?…Lies!

This is How Procrastinating Feels

Now that you understand what’s at stake. Without further ado here’s our guide to crushing procrastination.

The Gentlemen’s Guide: Crushing Procrastination

Get Tech Involved

We all float over to a handful of sites that distract us when we have to get some serious work done. I’m looking at you 9gag and Imgur! Find an app that lets you block these websites. If you really want time for breaks. Some Apps have the ability to set a time frame in which you can browse. For example,  You set up the app to let you browse distracting sites for 15 minutes every 2 or so hours then you get locked out.

Here are some apps that you might want to look into:

Be Feel the Work…Be The Work

Don’t try and get work done on your couch or bed.  That’s just calling you to take the “power nap” or stream that TV show to “mentally prepare you.” Pick a “work only” space and work there. Meaning to say put yourself in a setting that you know will be conducive to work.  Think of this like going to the gym. This will condition yourself to know that when you get to that place it’s all about work. This could be a coffee shop, library, an empty class room or even your kitchen table.

Yes Dj Khaled a nutritious breakfast will help you crush procrastination

Yes Dj Khaled a nutritious breakfast will help you crush procrastination

Make Lists

Alright you’ve heard this one before.  But I mean literally write everything from the smallest item to the largest task down. I’m not kidding when you start for the day the first thing you should write down is “Sit down and write list”.   This will give you gratification as your get into the habit of crossing off completed tasks. You’ll understand exactly what you have to tackle. finally,  the list will also give you a sufficient amount of productive stress that will push you to get into action when you feel yourself drifting off into the land of YouTube.

Just Tackle It!

Alright so there’s two schools of thought to this.  So I’ll just talk about both. Try them out and stick to one that works best for you.  When you first start a task or log in for a day of work you can either tackle the biggest task right away or tackle the tasks that take the least amount of time.

  • Biggest Task
    • The logic here is that everything else will be a cakewalk once you tackle the most difficult item on your list.
  • Small Tasks
    • The logic here is that you sort have to warm yourself up and get the juices flowing.


Be Honest

If you feel like you have gone down the black hole of procrastination and put off doing something.  Ask yourself why. There’s usually a reason why you’re putting it off.  For most work situations you can set yourself up to win but for other things like going for that run or calling up your mom halfway across the country. It’s less obvious how to tackle that procrastination.  Often we’ll procrastinate to avoid thinking about why we don’t want to do something.  I would say force yourself to really give it some thought and get to the bottom of why.

You got it DJ Khaled. If you're honest about why you're procrastinating you can go a long way to overcoming it.

You got it DJ Khaled. If you’re honest about why you’re procrastinating you can go a long way to overcoming it.

In my opinion I can say that the best way to get over procrastination is to just show up.  If you told yourself you are going to start writing that paper or working on that report for work. Do everything you can to sit down and write those first couple of items down or start the motions.  The rest should flow.

Is our guide to crushing procrastinating complete? Give us a shout with your techniques.

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